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Xtorm Solar Charger 10 000 Robust
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Xtorm Solar Charger 10 000 Robust

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The ability to wirelessly charge your smartphone anywhere you are, frees you from the hassle of lost or tangled charging cables. The combination of a user friendly design and great features makes this power bank perfect for when you’re on the go.

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The Solar Charger Robust is a rugged and no-nonsense Power Bank with a built-in solar panel, perfect if you live an active life.
Strong features
The solar charger is equipped with a 10 000mAh lithium-polymer battery, powerful enough to charge a smartphone up to 4X. The Solar Charger itself can be recharged in two ways, either via USB or by simply taking it outside and let the built-in solar panel do its work. The efficient SunPower® cells even function on a cloudy day!
Life proof
This is a great all-round Power Bank if you live an active lifestyle, and you require your devices to keep up with whatever you do. The Solar Charger is splash-proof, drop-resistant, and has a powerful integrated LED flashlight, making it the perfect all-round Power Bank.

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