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Ogon Wallet Big Stockholm

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Every Ögon product, due to their aluminium cover, acts like small Faraday cages.

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Every Ögon product, due to their aluminium cover, acts like small Faraday cages.

They stop magnetic waves and protect the cards against demagnetization.

Even better, all models are certified "RFID Safe" because by blocking the waves they prevent

from scanning credit card thieves.

By developing this security system more than 10 years ago, Ögon is the precursor of this technology.

All Ögon models protect your credit cards against hackers.

Size : Bank notes, driving license, up to 12 credit cards

Capacity : Around 12 cards

Size of the cards (max) : 10,6 x 7,7 cm

Weight : 95 gr

Metal lock

Water resistant wallet : Joint against air, dust, and moisture

Quick and easy access to your cards-designed to open with one hand.

Compact, durable and light

Protection from RFID theft - Your cards are protected from electronic data theft.

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