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Doctor Connect - 12 months

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With ‘Doctor Connect’ you can contact a specialist of KLM Health Services 24/7 

‘Doctor Connect’ your ideal travel companion!

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Carefree on holiday or a business trip? Bring ‘Doctor Connect’ of KLM Health Services along. Vaccinations, malaria pills, insect repellent. When travelling you prepare yourself thoroughly to enjoy your stay abroad at the utmost. However you can fall unexpectedly ill. Food poisoning, earache or an allergic reaction are complaints that may occur. Instant access to medical advice is then convenient. Healthcare abroad is not always the same and you could be unfamiliar with it. Maybe you don't understand the local physician. What are those medicines they've prescribed you? And is it safe to fly with certain complaints? KLM Health Services offers a solution: ‘Doctor Connect’.


Doctor Connect

With 'Doctor Connect 'of KLM Health Services you can reach a medical specialist 24/7 by phone, texting, e-mail or an app. Not only in case of medical emergencies but also when in doubt. Our doctors are specialised in travel and health and will give you immediate advice. Advice that’s reliable, clear and in your own language. And if necessary, we refer you to a trusted doctor of the AIR FRANCE KLM Network or local health institution. So high-quality medical help is always close at hand!


The benefits:

  • 24/7 medical advice in Dutch or English.
  • Not only in case of an emergency but also when in doubt.
  • Specialised and experienced doctors.
  • Global network of AIR FRANCE KLM doctors in case of referral.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

  • ‘In case of fraudulent use the member will be charged the full amount of the service. Partner terms and conditions will apply to the award. Flying Blue will not be responsible for product or service delivery, return or product compliance.
  • The general terms and conditions of KLM Health Services are applicable.

How to redeem your award

How it Works:

  • Flying Blue Store will send you a confirmation e-mail upon your purchase.
  • KLM Health Services will send you your membership pass within 5 working days 


For questions you can contact KLM Health Services via  or through