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La Boucle Eco Conscious Original Belt

28,407 Miles

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This is not just a belt. Buy less, buy better.

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Sustainability: Purchasing products that last instead of poorer quality products that deteriorate quickly you will consume less.
With WeForest, CO2 emissions related to the production, the shipping and the commercialisation are neutralised because for every La Boucle bought, we plant a tree.
In addition to the best materials and the recycled packaging, La Boucle also works with an eco-tannery in Italy.
The products are Nickel free and no chromium is used in our belts Buy less, buy better.
Size: One size fits all courtesy of a stretchy weave style.
Travel friendly: Due to the Nickel free buckle this belt is travel friendly as it does not activate metal detectors.
Ideal for travellers!

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