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Stage antistress AviaSim (6h)

155,600 Miles

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Le stage contre la peur en avion proposé par AviaSim est un stage individuel de 6 heures mêlant théorie et pratique. Le stage est encadré par un pilote de ligne professionnel qui s'adaptera à la peur de chacun. Taux de succès à 97% !

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Your fear of flying no longer has to be inevitable!

An individual course is one of the keys to the success of AviaSim's Fear of Flying Course. Not everybody suffers from the same fears, which is why AviaSim’s ability to adapt their courses to the participant’s individual fears makes them even more effective. An individual course enables participants to confide in their instructor more easily and also dare to ask all their questions, which might not always be so easy during a group course.

The course is made up of 3 x 2-hour sessions, which can be held on the same day or across two or three days. We adapt ourselves to your availability and that of the simulator in order to hold your course in the best possible conditions.

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How to redeem your award

After purchasing the pack and selecting an AviaSim centre from the Flying Blue Store, you will receive a confirmation email. AviaSim will send your boarding pass by mail, which is valid throughout the country, within 48 working hours. You will find details of the different centres on the boarding pass.

Simply select an AviaSim centre and make direct contact by phone to reserve your slot. Once your booking has been made, you will receive confirmation from AviaSim by SMS and mail.