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Pack Découverte Avion de chasse (45 minutes)

39,600 Miles

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Vivez une expérience à mach 2, aux commandes d’un simulateur d’avion de chasse, dans un cockpit réel et complet. Voltige, ravitaillement en vol, vol en patrouille et combat aérien n’auront plus de secrets pour un pilote chevronné comme vous !

Durée : 10 minutes de briefing + 35 minutes de vol
Simulateur d’avion de chasse

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This pack is ideal for novices to enjoy a first experience flying a fighter jet simulator: either a F-16 Fighting Falcon or F-35 Lightning II (depending on the centre). The instructor will adapt to your level, there is no need to have previous aeronautical knowledge!

First step: get ready for action!
Put on your fighter-pilot suit and adjust your helmet. It’s time to get into the cockpit. Adjust your seat to ensure you are as comfy as possible in the air.

Second step: the mission brief!
Before setting off, the instructor accompanying your flight will introduce you to the aircraft, as well as all the controls that enable you to manage the craft.

Third step: aerobatics!
In order to master your control of the aircraft, why not take off and have a go at aerobatics? The flight time is ideal for getting your bearings before setting off on more dangerous missions!

Fourth step: have fun!
What would you most like to do? Have a go at taking off and landing? Feel your heart skip a beat (or ten!) with aerial combat at 2,000 km/h? Perform a refuelling flight? Provide assistance to an airliner in distress? Any mission is possible! You are the pilot, we adapt to your wishes!

Duration: 10-minute briefing + 35-minute flight
Fighter jet simulator

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How to redeem your award

After purchasing the pack and selecting an AviaSim centre from the Flying Blue Store, you will receive a confirmation email. AviaSim will send your boarding pass by mail, which is valid throughout the country, within 48 working hours. You will find details of the different centres on the boarding pass.

Simply select an AviaSim centre and make direct contact by phone to reserve your slot. Once your booking has been made, you will receive confirmation from AviaSim by SMS and mail.