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Seatzac Air Sofa - Foldable Beach Seat

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Seatzac air sofa - Foldable beach seat

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Seatzac air sofa - Foldable beach seat

The air sofa is made of top-quality 100% tear-proof and strong polyester. The real highlight is the easy and convenient setup. It is very easy to set up the Chillbag in just a few seconds and even without an additional air pump or annoying manual inflation. Simply hold the fabric at the open end and fill it up the Chillbag with a few simple hand movements. With a length of 110 cm and a width of 80 cm, it is the ideal place to sit indoors or outdoors. The sturdy seat bag holds a weight of up to 100 kg. This makes this air sofa the ideal accessory for the summer. Whether on the beach, camping in nature, at the pool or at any festival. Easy, relaxing, totally stress-free, the air sofas from Seatzac make any space a chillout zone. The Chillbag is strong and soft at the same time, providing great comfort on any occasions.

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