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Miccy's Madame Papilio earrings

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Miccy's Madame Butterfly earrings

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Miccy's is known for its high quality, trendsetting and eye-catching designs. All pieces are handcrafted and finished in our Dutch atelier. The collection comprises real butterfly wings and have an 18k gold plated finish and 925 silver findings. By purchasing these earrings you actively support the conservation of butterflies in the rainforests. The butterflies live a full life and are collected after their natural passing in preservation farms worldwide. Eggs laid on leaves in the wild rain forest are collected and hatched in the farms. About 5% of butterfly eggs survive to adulthood in the wild, whereas this number increases to 80% in preservation farms. Butterflies are then released back into the wild and the cycle repeats. Since butterflies live an average of 2-3 weeks, some pass away before being released. Only these butterflies are used to create these stunning earrings. All our species are approved by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Organization.

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