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Say goodbye to an empty phone battery that leaves you feeling disconnected. This little powerhouse gives you enough juice to get you through the day. It’s even 30% smaller and lighter than before! With the USB-C port you can charge the Powerbank itself, but it can also be used to charge devices like your phone, speaker or headphones. Together with the USB port on the Powerbank, this means you can charge 2 devices at once. With a capacity of 6000 mAh, the Powerbank has enough juice to charge your phone 2 times or give other power hungry devices like a tablet, camera, Apple Watch or Fitbit a boost. The Powerbank has new high density Li-Polymer battery packs and thanks to the power indicator button, you can check the battery level anytime. And don’t worry: the Powerbank 6000 mAh is charged within 3.5 hours.

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