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The Powerbank 18000 mAh is our most powerful, yet slim and lightweight rechargeable battery and will keep your mobile devices charged. It’s even 30% smaller and lighter than before! With the USB-C port you can charge the Powerbank itself, but it can also be used to charge devices like your phone, speaker or headphones.  The Powerbank 18000 mAh even has 2 USB ports and therefore can charge 3 devices at once! With a capacity of 18000 mAh, the Powerbank has enough juice to charge a phone 6 times or to give other power hungry devices like a tablet, camera, Apple Watch or Fitbit a boost. The 18000 mAh Powerbank has new high density Li-Polymer battery packs and fits in every bag and is the ideal companion for all kind of trips. It’s fully charged within 10 hours!

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